Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We and What Services Do We Offer?

Research paper web is a US-based agency that offers all kinds of academic writing services. We have been in this business for close to ten years now and our experience has only gotten better with time. We believe in enabling students all over the world achieve the best they can by offering assistance and providing them with sample papers that will enable them learn the new research and writing techniques.

Among the services that we offer are essays in various fields, dissertation and thesis writing, capstone projects, general class assignments and online classes. We still offer many other academic writing services that we cannot list here. Our only limitation is the client's instructions.

How Does the Research Paper Web Platform work?

At Research Paper Web, a client first and foremost places their order. To place an order, a client clicks on Order link which brings them a progressive form in which they fill the instructions of their order. First, the client selects the subject of their paper. They then fill in the paper topic of their choice or leave it as "Writer's choice" which enables the writer to choose a topic for their paper. They then fill the number of sources or references they would like to be listed in the references page of their order. After selecting the paper formatting style (APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian among others), the client is through with the first step and clicks "Continue" to go onto the second step.

The second step is where the client fills in the instructions or the question that the writer should answer. If a client wishes to attach any files that has their order instructions, they will do so after they have submitted their order.

The third step enables the client to calculate how much their order will cost by selecting the number of pages, the deadline and the type of line-spacing for their order.

If the client needs digital copies of the sources that the writer will use as reference for their order, they select this in the next step. If they would also wish that their order is handled by a specific writer, this is the step where they fill in the writer ID. If you have a discount code (from support members or admin), you can apply it here.

The final step involves the client inputting their functioning email address and setting a password for their account. When you click "Submit", you will be redirected to PayPal where you can pay for your order and then get redirected to your account where you will monitor its progress.

How Do I Register?

The registration process is encompassed with the ordering process. To have an account with us, you have to place an order. We do this to protect our clients from spammers who just create inactive accounts without the intention of getting assistance.

When you place an order, you will find the registration form at the very last step just before submitting your order. Here, you will be required to fill in your email address and set a password of your choice.

How Long Before My Order is Assigned to a Writer?

We do our best to review each order and have it assigned to the most qualified writer within the shortest time possible. This will enable you to monitor the progress of your order by getting in touch with the writer via messages. In most cases, your order will be assigned to the best writer within the first 15 minutes.

In some circumstances however, we may find it not so easy to match an order with the most appropriate writer. Such circumstances may arise when your order is somehow complex and needs extra caution in assigning a writer or when your order is massive such that it will need an ardent writer. Even then, we make sure that the assigning process does not eat too much of the time that should be used in the execution of the order. We make sure that all the orders are delivered within stipulated time.

What are the Referencing Styles for the Papers?

This will depend on the referencing style that you choose while placing your order.

Our writers are well conversant with the different formatting styles for academic papers. Styles such as APA, MLA, Turabian, Vancouver, and Harvard are well known by our writers. Basically, no referencing style is unknown of at Research Paper Web.

If you want a different style to be used for your paper, just select "Other" under Formatting style and state the one you want in the instructions section.

What If I Am Not Satisfied With the Work That I Get?

We have a thoroughly comprehensive revision policy that should make you worry-free. Our writers are expected to give papers of highest quality failure to which they should be ready to make the necessary revisions until the client is fully satisfied.

To understand how we handle revisions, please read our revision policy.

Can I Request for Revision of My Paper?

In as much as we discourage our writers against producing poor work that will lead to revisions, there are some circumstances where revisions cannot be avoided. In such circumstances, a client can request for revision for the reasons that fall under our revision policy. Some of the reasons why we revise orders may be client dissatisfaction, instructions not followed by the writer, the client wants additional changes or pages, part of the paper is plagiarized, among other reasons.

Just so that you know however, we do not tolerate plagiarized papers and you will least likely encounter such an instance. This is because any writer that plagiarizes is fired immediately.

How Long Before My Paper Is Revised?

A client has an option of selecting a new deadline for a paper they request a revision on. Please select an appropriate deadline that is enough for the changes that you request. Even then, we highly encourage flawless communication between the client and the writer so that everything can flow smoothly and each party go home with a satisfied heart.

Do You Have Money-Back Guarantee?

First off, you should note that most of our clients are always satisfied with the kind of work that we provide. In the rarest occasion that a client is totally dissatisfied, we have a money-back policy that sees such a client refunded their hard-earned money.

Please read our money-back policy to acquaint yourself with some of the reasons why we refund our clients and how we do it.

What About Discounts?

If you are making your first order with us, you can request for your 10% discount from our support team via the live chat. A discount code will be given which will see you pay 10% less.

From time to time and during special occasions (think of Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day), we give up crazy discounts! Look out for our promotional emails during such times to save big while placing your order with us.

Can I Have a Specific Writer Work for Me?

If a writer has worked for you before and you liked their work such that you would like them to work on your current order, just input their writer ID under the "Want a specific writer?" section on the order form.

Another situation that may necessitate this is if your friend refers you to a specific writer. Just ask that friend about that writer's ID and input it in the same way on the order form. If you know only the name of the writer and not the ID, contact our support team so that they can give you the writer ID to use.

Where Do I Get the Writer ID?

Check your previous orders done by the same writer and you will find the writer ID there. If you are not able to locate any order done by the same writer, just contact our support team and give them the name of the writer so they can give you the ID.

If you are a new client and the writer has been suggested to you by a friend, ask that friend to give you the writer ID. If you have been referred by only the name, contact our support and give them the name so they can retrieve the writer ID for you.

What Are the Digital Copies of Sources Used?

These are the web pages, PDF documents, photos and/or URLs of the sources/references that a writer uses as reference while working on your order. In rare cases, professors ask that you submit the work plus the sources where you obtained your information from. In other cases, you may just want proof of the sources that the writer used for your paper.

At a small fee on top, you can get these sources prepared and delivered to you together with your order. Just indicate while placing your order that you would also need the digital copies of sources used as reference for your paper.

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